A Survey on Selected Quality Parameters of Buffalo Milk Samples Collected from Consumer Markets of Three Different Central Governorates in Egypt

F.M.F. Elshaghabee1, M.I. Abdel-Hamid1, H.-G. Walte2
1 Dairy Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, 12613 Giza, Egypt
2 Department of Safety and Quality of Milk and Fish, Max Rubner-Institut (Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food), Kiel, Germany

Date submitted:09/04/2017                Date accepted: 02/11/2017                                   Volume/Page(s): 70/25-29

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Viscosity Measurements of Milk to Investigate Risk Factors for Milk Leakage in Dairy Cows Before and After Dry-Off

J. Bachmann1, S. Bertulat1, S. Seiffert2, W. Heuwieser1
1 Clinic for Animal Reproduction, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin, Königsweg 65, 14163 Berlin, Germany
2 Institute of Physical Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Duesbergweg 10-14, 55128 Mainz, Germany

Date submitted:31/05/2017                Date accepted: 11/10/2017                                   Volume/Page(s): 70/20-24

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Microbiota community structure in traditional fermented milk dadiah in Indonesia: Insights from high-throughput 16S rRNA gene sequencing

A. Sukma1,2, H. Toh3, T.T.T. Nguyen1,4, N. Fitria5, I. Mimura1, R. Kaneko1, K. Arakawa1, H. Morita1
1 Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, Okayama University, 1-1-1 Tsushima-naka, Okayama 700-8530, Japan
2 Faculty of Animal Science, Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia, Limau Manis, Pauh, Padang, West Sumatra 25163, Indonesia
3 Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University, 3-1-1 Maidashi, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8582, Japan
4 College of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University, 102 Phung Hung street, Hue, Vietnam
5 Faculty of Science and Engineering PharmachoTheerapy, -Epidemiology and -Economics – Groningen, Research Institute of Pharmacy, Antonius Deusinglaan 9713 AV, Groningen, The Netherlands

Date submitted:30/05/2017                Date accepted: 08/08/2017                                   Volume/Page(s): 70/20-22

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Determination of the BactoScan Conversion Factor for the United Kingdom

R.H. Madden1, A. Gordon2, N. Corcionivoschi1
1 United Kingdom National Reference Laboratory for Milk and Milk Products, Food Microbiology, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Belfast, BT9 5PX, Northern Ireland
2 Biometrics and Information Systems Branch, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Belfast, BT9 5PX, Northern Ireland

Date submitted:03/05/2017                Date accepted: 14/06/2017                                   Volume/Page(s): 70/17-19

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The potential of milk production and consumption for improving nutrition of smallholder dairy households in Ethiopia

H.D. Lemma1, A. Mengistu2, T. Kuma3, B. Kuma1
1Wolaita Sodo University, POB 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia
2Addis Ababa University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Ethiopia
3Ethiopian Development Research Institute, Ethiopia

Date submitted:03/01/2017                Date accepted: 14/04/2017                                   Volume/Page(s): 70/10-16

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The efficacy of a foaming iodine-based pre-milking teat disinfectant

F. Böhm, N. Wente, V. Krömker

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Faculty II, Department of Microbiology, Heisterbergallee 12, 30453 Hannover, Germany

Date submitted: 07/02/2017            Date accepted: 14/03/2017                                         Volume/Page(s): 70/6-9

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Pilot study on the influence of premilking iodine-based teat disinfection on milk iodine content

F. Böhm1, D. Klocke2, J.-H. Paduch2, V. Krömker1,2

1 Clinic for Cattle, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation, Bischofsholer Damm 15, 30173 Hannover, Germany
2 University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Faculty II, Department of Microbiology, Heisterbergallee 12, 30453 Hannover, Germany

Date submitted:25/05/2016            Date accepted: 06/01/2017                                         Volume/Page(s): 70/2-5

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